what is schizophrenia to me ?

how do I see schizophrenia today ?

what are the basis of schizophrenia ?


**I am not a doctor or a scientist, I am a ordinary guy working my way through my schizophrenia and exposing what I find



my abilify & schizophrenia


schizophrenia, psychiatry, medication, herbs, the body what therapy do you need ? some perspective on cleaning self


**I am not a doctor or a scientist – I am a ordinary guy, exposing my schizophrenia

self forgiving – schizophrenic


we all know deep inside that we need to change. to bring forth a new and improved world the change must start with self.

I repeat : If we want a new and improved world – the change starts with self. our parents did not do this for us.

what will you tell your children if they ask you why did you not to everything you could to make this into a better place for all ?

self forgiveness is a profound tool to do exactly that – I have managed to marginalize my schizophrenia to a great extent – working with self help tools provided by desteni.

I have altered my ways to a far degree. are you ready to heal yet ??


Walking through schizophrenia with desteni I process


Hey stranger ! 😘
Care to listen to my experience with the best self help program that www has to offer ? 💚💚 This is a video to explain how I with my schizophrenia was able to stabilize myself and bring myself out of that hell – walking my desteni i process – from mind slaving – into life awareness ! Please share the video near and far !
Check out the linx – you’d be glad :

the end of (the) psychiatry matrix


the war within the matrix of psychiatry & different treatment stops here & it stops now ! there have been enough separation, friction, and fighting. today we have all the solution we need, and foremost this is about cooperation and ending the blame game. this is a deep and personal call for peace of camps and schools of thought. we need to unite and bring to table real solutions and real change – for the best of all. the one type of treatment/therapy does not exclude the other. let’s do what we can to unite and end the fight of the matrix of psychiatry.