“rise and shine” – from schizophrenia (?)


…or is it rinse and repeat (?) The darkest parts of us is suppressed strengths. This world is at a grand empowerment potential. Are you with on that ? How do you find empowerment ? Self forgiveness is a unique tool : don’t miss it !



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“Higher consciousness” and “expanded consciousness” ??

Schizophrenia and consciousness / mind wall / screen. Heard about higher self and expanded consciousness ?? Listen to my sense on the mind / matrix reality 😉 – you’d be glad

Big question is what is consciousness really ? How can we learn to know our consciousness and what it means for real ? That is what we at desteni work with, to redefine this reality, from understanding and self awareness !



My desteni 😎 and my schizophrenia (!) how and who I am walking through life with schizophrenia with learning the unique self help tools from desteni group

I am today very grateful to myself, for taking the response ability to walk this process and to learn the tools that are here. I am also grateful for all the support from the many fellow destonians who I walk and breathe with, equal and one !


schizophrenia and how I view this illness

As much as schizophrenia is a deep illness of mind, it came about through (de)-volution of man. Yes people can experience the same symptoms, from trauma, as the schizophrenic, but the schizophrenia has its own signature and diagnosis. In particular that is the splitting of mind (cancer of mind) and living of multiple personalities at once. Making reality hard to see or even reach for.


ostracized and being human

Do you feel ostracized in this world ? Do you feel like a outcast and a misfit ? You are not alone 🤓 facing the real self creation and innermost details is a tough point – for anyone ! Remember it is all rooted back at self ! Lets be of assistance and care for each other. Don’t miss out on self forgiveness