the end of (the) psychiatry matrix


the war within the matrix of psychiatry & different treatment stops here & it stops now ! there have been enough separation, friction, and fighting. today we have all the solution we need, and foremost this is about cooperation and ending the blame game. this is a deep and personal call for peace of camps and schools of thought. we need to unite and bring to table real solutions and real change – for the best of all. the one type of treatment/therapy does not exclude the other. let’s do what we can to unite and end the fight of the matrix of psychiatry.


Voices of suicide – experience of schizophrenia

The difficult topic of SUICIDE – walking my life with schizophrenia, I have had my doses of such complications, voices, and disturbances of mind. Today this topic is still a taboo in most arenas. I am one vote for real life support in/on all environments, arenas and cultures. What is the message of suicide really about ? How can we look at this illness with understanding ?


**I am not a doctor or a scientist, I am a ordinary guy working my way through my schizophrenia



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